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Season 2, Episode 4: The Crocodile


Hey everybody! I just finished watching the new episode.
Well, so far in the episode Fairytale land, Milah is in a bar hanging out with Captain Hook & his crew. Rumpelstiltskin then comes into the bar & tells Milah that she needs to come home with him. Milah doesn't want to go with him. She says, "Go home Rumpel. It's what you're best at". Just then Bea comes behind Rumpel & Milah sees her son. She then leaves the bar & heads home with her husband & her son. Back @ their home, Milah isn't happy being with her husband & she leaves. She gets kidnapped by Hook & his crew. Rumpel finds out & heads to the ship to save his wife.

In Storybrooke, Rumpel & Belle are finally back together. He gives Belle a necklace as a present to her. Belle wakes up in Rumpelstiltskin's house & finds him in the kitchen.

In the Storybrooke mines, Charming is over looking the Dwarves' work for trying to find fairydust. Red brings a basket of food for the workers.

Belle goes to Grannys & has like 3 Ice-Teas:
Red brings another Iced-Tea to Belle
Belle: Thank you.
Ruby: Are you feeling alright? That's like your thrid iced tea.
Belle: I've-i've never had an ice tea before! They're delicious!
Ruby: I haven't seen you around here before.
Belle: I've been in captivity until recently.

While walking around Storybrooke, Belle meets & gets kidnapped by Smee.
Back @ his home, Mr. Gold knocks on Belle's door to find out if she's doing all right. Mr. Gold opens the door and finds an empty bed & starts to get worried.

In fairytale-land, Rumpel & Captain hook get in a sword-fight.

Back in Storybrooke, Mr. Gold & David look around town for info about Belle's whereabouts, but no luck. According to David, everybody that he's talked to refused to help him because all of the threats Gold has made in Storybrooke & in Fairy-tale land.
David: Do you remeber turning a butcher into a pig?
Mr. Gold: I can't say that I do. Why?
David: Well, he does. It was his father.
They start walking down the street
David: I'm starting to see why no one will help you.
Mr. Gold: Has he seen Belle?
David: I'm afraid not.
Mr. Gold: Ok, so, what's next?
David: Granny's. See if anybody is there that you threatend & is willing to help us.
Mr. Gold: Um, c-can I ask you something? You-you & Mary Margret. How did you do it? I mean, does that work?
David: A-are you asking DATING advice?
Mr. Gold: No, of course not.
David: Honesty. That's how we did it. Being truth & honest with eachother.
Mr. Gold: Well, I-I don't lie.
David: Well, there's a differnce. There's honesty & honesty of the heart. Nothing proved better that for me then this curse.

Smee takes Belle to a cottage where her father is. Moe orders Smee to take Belle away after Belle refuses to leave Mr. Gold, because she loves him. Smee takes Belle away from her father as Belle is shouting for her father to stop this.

Back in fairy-tale land,
Hook: Milah, run!
Milah: No, I'm not leaving without you!
Rumpel: Oh, isn't this sweet? You have come back for your true love, the pirate! Tell it to me, Milah.
Milah: Please, don't hurt him! I can explain!
Rumpel: Tick-tock, dearie. Tick-tock!
Milah: That night, at the bar, Killian & his crew told stories & I fell in love with him.
Rumpel shoves a sword into Captain Hook's chest
Milah: I didn't know how to tell you, I'm sorry! I proose a deal. I'll give you the magic beans if you spare both of our lives,.

Back in Storybrooke, Mr. Gold & Charming goes to Ruby cause Belle talked to Ruby briefly. Ruby still has the wolf inside her & uses Belle's sent to track her, to the flower's shop.
Mr. Gold: Where's Belle? I want to talk to her.
Maurice: I'm not telling you anything.
Mr. gold snaps & starts attacking Maurice out of rage.
Mr. Gold: Where is she? Where?!
David: Stop! You're gonna kill him!
David sepreates Mr. Gold from Maurice
Maurice: I have to let Belle forget about you once & for all, even if she has to forget about everything she knows is real.
Mr. Gold: You're gonna make her cross the line!
Maurice: It's for her own good.
David: We have guards MAKING sure nobody crosses the line.
David then notices coal mine dust on Maurice's hands
David: The mines. It leads out of town. That's where she is.
(Maurice is NOT doing the RIGHT thing for BELLE)

David & Mr. Gold find out that Maurice has Belle in the tunnels. Ruby, Gold, David & Maurice all get in Maurice's van & heads to the mines

Back in Fairy-tale land Milah brings Mr. Gold back to the ship & Rumpel follows. Milah has the magic bean & throws it to Hook.
Milah: Can we go their separate ways?
Rumpel: Well, if that's what you want. But, just 1 question , dearie...How could you leave Bea?
Milah is shocked that Rumpel would bring up Bea at a time like this
Rumpel: Do you know what it's like to have to walk home that night & tell OUR son that his mother was dead?
Milah: Not a day goes by that I'm not sorry for that!
Rumpel: You left him! You abondoned him! & now, you will pay.
Hook tries to save Milah from Rumple, but Rumple uses his magic to tie up Hook to the mast, where he watches helpless, as he can not save his love
Rumpel sticks his hand in Milah's chest
Hook: Milah!
Rumpel uses his magic & ties Hook to the mast
Rumpel rips out Milah's heart
Hook: No!
Hook runs to Milah because he loves her!
Hook holds Milah in his arms
Milah looks up @ Hook
Malah: I love you.
Rumpelstiltskin squeezes Milah's heart & it turns to dust
Milah dies
Hook: You may be more powerful demon, but you are no less a coward!
Rumpelstiltskin: Is that so?
Rumpel cuts off Hook's hand cause he wants Hook to suffer as he did.
Hook then grabs a hook he finds on the deck & shoves it in Rumpelstiltskin's chest, but it doesn't kill him.
Rumpel them smiles & disappears in a puff of purple smoke
Hook looks @ Milah, then @ his crew
Hook then takes the hook into his hand

Back in Storybrooke Smee traps Belle in a mine cart heading to the border line. Just in time, Rumpel saves her by using his magic! Belle still remembers! She gets out of the mine cart & tells Rumpel that she can't go with either him or her father. She doesn't want to see either of them again. This crushes Rumpel's heart!
Belle goes to Granny's & has a breakfast:
Belle: Thank you, Ruby for everything you've done.
Red: You're welcome. Oh, before I forget, somebody dropped off this key for the library @ the front desk. Belle goes to the library & finds Rumpel.
Mr. Gold: There's an apartment of the caretaker here if you want it. You were right about me being a coward. Leading that to getting power, & not letting it go, & for the price it caused. My son.
Belle: Bealfire.
Mr. Gold: Yes. I created the curse because I wanted to go to the land where Bealfire is.
Belle: I understand what you are trying to do.
Mr. Gold: I have lost so much that I have loved. I don't want to loose you again, Belle.
Rumpelstiltskin lets Belle go her way
Belle: I've never had a hamburger & I hear Granny makes a good one. Do you want to have a hamburger sometime with me?
Mr. Gold: I would like that.
Belle leaves after that

Back in fairytale land, in a cottage, Rumpel has captain hook's hand, I guess as a ritual to try to find Bea.
Back on Captain Hook's ship, he sends Milah's dead body into the ocean. Smee joins Hook's crew.
Hook: Mr. Smee, welcome aboard.
Smee: Can I ask where we are heading?
Hook then fixes the hook on his missing hand
Hook: Neverland!
Captain Hook's ship goes into the wormhole of the ocean

Back in Storybrooke, Mr. Gold goes to a basement where Mr. Smee is tied up for info about the man he works for. His captain. Mr. Gold wants to know where Hook is. Mr. Smee resonds that he doesn't know. For some odd reason, when the curse came, he didn't come through.

Back in Fairytale-alnd on an island, Hook finds Cora. & Hook knows Cora! Cora has remains of a magical wardrobe.
Cora: Hello, Hook.
Hook: Hello, Cora.
Cora shows Hook the ashes of the wardrobe.
Hook: Can that get us to the other world?
Cora: It's a start.
Hook: So, what is the name of the place we are headed?
Cora: Storybrooke.
Hook: Odd name for place. That's where you're daughter is. You'll be reunited with her.
Cora: Yes. It's been more then long enough. & that's where you will get to skin a crocodile (referring to Rumplestiltskin).

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